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This includes paying Child Support. In the state of Texas, Texas Family Code has guideline percentages which apply to the first $9,200.00 of the non-custodial parent’s monthly net resources. If the child has proven special needs, then additional support may be warranted. The non-custodial parent is the parent that the child does not reside with most of the time. Even though these laws are in place, the Judge, at their discretion can give more or less than the guidelines of Child Support.

It’s important to understand what you are entitled to when it comes to Child Support and what Child Support means.

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Child Support is:

Financial support paid by a parent to help support a child or children of whom they do not have custody. Child support can be entered into voluntarily or ordered by a court or a properly empowered administrative agency, depending on each state’s laws. The support can come in different forms, including:

  • Medical support, where the child(ren) are provided with health coverage, through private insurance from the non-custodial parent (NCP) or public assistance that is reimbursed whole or in part by the NCP, or a combination thereof.
  • Monetary payments, in the form of a one-time payment, installments, or regular automatic withholdings from the NCP’s income, or the offset of State and/or Federal tax refunds and/or administrative payments made to the NCP, such as Federal retirement benefits.

See more at Learn more about “child supports terms.

When you have children, it is your obligation to financially care for those children when they are living with you and when they are not living with you, and at Bo Nichols Law, we believe in Child Support. We also believe that the custodial parent should not expect to be able to live off the Child Support they are given by the court. We will fight for your children, because we believe the children should not suffer because of the decisions of the parents.

Child Support Laws and Resources

We have listed some resources for your convenience so you can do your own research on where to find the laws in Texas regarding Child Support and how to determine the basic Child Support you might deserve. If you have any questions regarding your Child Support, please call us at (713) 227-4747.

Texas Attorney General Child Support Calculator
Texas Family Code

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