During this COVID-19 pandemic, many people, who are currently involved in divorce actions, custody matters, child-support matters and other Family Law matters, have experienced an increase in their levels of frustration and anxiety due to their inability to gain immediate access to the family court where their case is pending. The above referenced sense of urgency could be because:

1. Someone is refusing to turn over the children;
2. Someone is refusing to follow a court order for custody, possession;child support, spousal support or the turnover of property;
3. someone believes that they, or another member of their household, is a victim of family violence, abuse or neglect;
4. Someone’s family law case has simply been dragging on for longer than it should, etc.

The list of reasons why people are wanting immediate access to their family law court goes on and on.

The above referenced concerns and request for access to the courts are valid and understandable.

In an attempt to resolve this matter and address these concerns, most of our courts across the state of Texas have issued new policies to allow the above referenced litigants access to the courts during this pandemic.

You should first consult with your attorney as to what policies and procedures your court has promulgated during this pandemic.

In an attempt to aid litigants and understanding the above referenced policies and procedures, the State Bar of Texas – Family Law Section has canvassed many of our Texas courts for their policies and procedures. Learn more about the current coronavirus court closure & court order updates.

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